Pathaan Review: SRK Owns The Film; Deepika Padukone is Fiery and John Abraham Is Perfect Nemesis

Do you remember the last time the advance booking for a Hindi film touched the roof and left it in splutters? Do you remember the last time the anticipation for the release of a Hindi film gave you an adrenaline rush? Do you remember the last time an 8 am show for a Hindi film ran to a packed house? Do you remember the last time Shah Rukh Khan’s mesmerising screen presence left you awe-struck? Well, it has been long. Four years and one month, to be precise.

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan delivered an experimental Zero (2018) more than four years ago and ever since, he had been missing from the silver screen, leaving many disillusioned. But nothing lasts forever, they say. Four years later today, the dry spell caused by his enigmatic elusiveness has come to an end. His latest release Pathaan makes you pacify yourself with the golden phrase – the wait was worth it. The film is seldom Shah Rukh-esque but overall, a sleek, stylish, scintillating and solid entertainer, the kind we have not been treated to in a long time.

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